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Junk Head 2

I WANT THIS SO BAD! Junk Head was amazing! Let’s make it happen!!! :D

Devon Rexes. Such awesome cats. I got to cuddle one this weekend. His fur was unreal. And look at that face! 

My sister’s FB Status:

Analyse and I are playing a guessing game which got a little silly ….I said with the intended answer to be a fairy …I say ” I fart glitterwhen I sneeze rainbows come out of my nose I have wings and fly and I sprinkle stuff on people …what am I” analyses response without hesitation ..LADY GAGA

**Analyse is my 6 year old niece. :P

I just redid my theme. I love it!! I am now not embarrassed for people to see it. :P 


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Couldn’t be helped. 
I thought it was funny. :P
My sister and niece made this. Creepy, yet creative. What do you think?

These are some really awesome Limericks my friend, Jamie wrote:

1.)There once was a young man from Rome
    From women he’d often get domed
    Till one day while in bed
    A girl chopped off his head
    Respectively now he stays home

    • 2.)There was a lass from Utah 
          Who had a rather large sized bra
          All the men liked to hoot
          While shed strut in her suit
          Soon she’d give herpes to all


      There once was a gal from Peru
          Who gained pleasure by using her shoe
          One day in the sack it got caught in her snatch
          Only left with her right one it’s true

I felt they needed to be shared. 

Very cool.
Harry Potter - Delivery Owl